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Backend Development: Django Basics

Servers to power your IT backbone

Designing web API can't go wrong when you're using Django REST Framework.

The Django ORM allows a systematic and consistent approach to relational database models …

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Frontend Development: Elm Basics

Deterministic code, predictable experience

Elm is a programming language for frontend applications that uses pure functions to compile into highly-optimized and safe JavaScript.

Elm uses functional programming, meaning all …

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Become a Programmer: Python Series

The tactics to develop your passion

Start programming NOW, and learn the very fundamentals which will carry you through your life as a programmer.

Tired of hitting larger and larger roadblocks …

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Psychology of Talent

From a metaphysics perspective

Have you ever wondered, how much control do you hold in your own life? Do you believe in taking control of your life? Do you …

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Managing Projects: Basics

Absolute minimum to get you started

Feeling lost halfway through the project? Starting to lose hope in handling your work? Many of us has felt that conflicting pressure when working on …

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Discover Your Voice

Techniques based on science

I first started exploring my singing capabilities while playing an online game where I went on a virtual stage to sing, what happened afterwards was …

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