About The Academy

Welcome to Hor Kong Academy, I am Hor Kong (surnamed Chong) and I created this website to gather like-minded individuals and share my passion.

My long-term goals for creating this academy are to:

  • Uncover the secrets to talent and easing technical barriers for everyone

  • Teach in core principles and concepts to develop your own understanding

  • Encourage the mindset to solve problems without relying on memorization

  • Share my thought perspective as one who started everything from zero

  • Develop sensible progressive working approach so to avoid future obstacles

  • Build a learning community to explore the depths of talent and skills

  • Hopefully allow people to enjoy working and training their new skill as their hobby

After guiding the training for many of my company staffs and interns, I have met with many types of people and analyzed the reasons some people display a lack of talent or passion when it comes to acquiring new skills. Not many are gifted with the personality to brave any type of desperation or despair, which is often met in the journey of life. Whereas for those who are gifted, it is still considerably difficult to cram a wide range of knowledge and methodologies to expect delivery of results within a short deadline.

We teach you how to teach yourself, make teaching quick and repeatable

Many people are eager to learn, but they do not possess the natural instincts to see obvious answers immediately. The easy way out is to undergo systematic education. However, it is often difficult and time consuming for one to arrange for a mentor to assist in your personal learning per individual basis. Our guides and videos will go through how we learned something from scratch, so that you can teach yourself without relearning the process by trial and error.

Why all the hassle when I can just follow tutorials?

Personally, I find that many of the existing guides and tutorials lack real-world context, making things more complicated than it actually is. When most people search for answers, if a direct answer is not given, they often fail to solve the issue. But when a direct answer is given, they do not know how they solved the issue. To me, this person has not learned anything or any skill worth carrying on to later stages in life.

The techniques that I share can range from the very basics to enterprise-level advanced

If you truly want to know how to make your skills applicable in any situation, you will need to first study the mindset, then practice to master it. Merely replicating results from memory is equivalent to trying to walk by memorizing the steps. This is when you feel like you are playing QWOP in life and may be seen by others as a "slow and passive" person. In truth, without the crutches given by the society of mass-produced and spoon-fed knowledge, even if you were to take it easy, you would still be able to produce incredible results.

About Hor Kong

I work as a technology consultant to multiple companies and businesses. Before I graduated as an electronics and computer engineer (MEng), I have been programming for more than 10 years. Due to my extreme interests in game development in the past, I spent many years writing game engines and mods for fun. As a person who was self-taught in many things, I find myself acquiring deep knowledge in technical depth as my second nature. This also applies to my other hobbies such as metaphysics, singing and making music. It has never been easy to push through all the roadblocks in my journey, but to me, it has been as enjoyable as beating my favourite game with high-scores.

As hobbies are best enjoyed with others, I find myself lacking people to share my interests with on my own. One of my life purpose is to achieve great things, slowly but surely I have understood that a person can only achieve so much. In order to make a bigger impact, I have decided to reach out to the world to give this chance to everyone. I created this website under my own name in hopes of replicating my talents and efforts to those who are serious. I will use it to share guides on teaching new skills (can be taught to self or others), to provide consultation to people taking my courses, as well as to build a larger knowledge base, creating a community for people to come together.