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I first started exploring my singing capabilities while playing an online game where I went on a virtual stage to sing, what happened afterwards was like opening a can of worms. I was tone-deaf and couldn't hold a single note without pushing to the top of my lungs. By that time, I was already a teenager, and was nowhere near "suitable age" to be looking for my talent that apparently didn't exist. However, with my eager personality, the thought of giving up on the idea has never crossed my mind.

From that day, I started learning about ear training, vocal techniques, music theory... etc. on my own, from whatever I can find. I tried many things with trial and error, and eventually led me to discover a lot of logical explanations for vocal talent and made my own deductions based on human anatomy. Having seen different types of professional vocal training and tried different online courses, I think it's a waste not to share my findings to the world, as there are no existing courses that covers all the issues that I had with my voice.

I am lazy and do not practice a lot, but I can proudly say that I have come a long way and built a confident and unique style of voice that I'd always wished for. For those seeking to improve their voice professionally, or those just wanting to sing better for fun, I believe you may find something of use in this complete set of practical theories.

Video coming soon.

You Were Born With A Voice

It deserves to have the freedom to sing!


Internal and External Arts

Lesson 1

Tongue and Resonance Release

Lesson 2

Muscle and Breathing Control

Lesson 3

Wake Your Sleeping Ears

Lesson 4

Tone Synaesthesia and Practice

Lesson 5

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