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From a metaphysics perspective

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Have you ever wondered, how much control do you hold in your own life? Do you believe in taking control of your life? Do you rather think that something or someone else is always blocking and affecting you?

If this concerns you, read on.

According to Murphy's law, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Taking control of the future is not about knowing what is going to happen, instead it is about turning the odds into your favour.

People who are incompetent in something, cannot recognize their own incompetence. This is the Dunning-Kruger effect. A lot of times, things happen to us because of our inability to mitigate and reap its benefits. If it happened once, it can happen again. It is difficult to see the truth from the windows of your own situation. This is where the study of Chinese Astrology or Metaphysics can be employed to assist in finding solutions to your problems.

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What do I use it for?

In short, to arrange and organise talent of team members for an organisation. By reading the BaZi (八字) charts of others, we can accurately predict their tendencies and aptitude without observing for long periods of time. A person's skill and vision can be nurtured, but attitude is often difficult to change. It requires an individual's own effort to attempt different working methods in order to begin changing their own views and mindset.

How does it work?

What we can do after calculating a person's chart is to find a suitable role and working process, or changing the working relations between team members to synergize better. This must be done based on observation, as the chart can only tell their aptitude but not all the effort, if any, that were put into improving themselves throughout their life. By reading their chart, we can prove that nobody is totally inept, explain why certain jobs are easy for many but difficult for some, and find the right balance of environment to achieve better results.

It sounds too good to be true?

While this provides a way to analyze the situation, it does not predict the result or provide the solution. The chart user must use their own life experience to execute the changes they prefer. It is usually more efficient to integrate the chart reading process into the hiring stage, as this provides us with a more accurate measurement of an individual's ability to learn and adapt regardless of their innate talent. Personally, I find that recruitment interviews are naturally biased towards the interviewer's talents and views, which leads to inaccurate judgement for talent if inexperienced. Thus, the interviewers themselves may also need to evaluate and understand their own biases to know how to judge objectively.

Is Chinese metaphysics myth or science?

Believe it or not, since one of the earliest written ancient text centuries into BC period, I Ching(易经) the book of changes is only a mathematical model of chaos theory. It uses astrology, e.g. the position of planets and stars, to predict patterns in universal life. "From order comes chaos."  modern science has proven that many physical attributes in the world are not random, but in fact, "chaotic and deterministic", just as observed on the bifurcation diagram of the logistic map. One (道) splits into two Yin Yang (阴阳), and experience another halving at fixed ratio to form the Tai Chi (太极). The four in Tai Chi then goes through halving again to form 8 trigrams (八卦) and finally 64 hexagrams (六十四卦), which are the fundamental elements that come right before the graph dips into chaos. A seemingly stable equation has now given birth to chaos.

By Snaily - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
(Refer to the logistic map)

Can the future be predicted?

According to the butterfly effect in chaos theory, every slight deviation and misunderstanding in measurements can diverge the future in unpredictable ways. That is to say that while metaphysics can model the near future, it cannot predict your entire life. After all, it is impossible to measure any parameter to inifinite accuracy, and chaos is infinitely unpredictable over time. However, as the name implies in "butterfly effect", all finite randomness eventually diverge into the same attractor field and forms the shape of a butterfly. Therefore, history repeats itself through interconnected feedbacks of seemingly random repetitions that are never exactly the same.

If everything is deterministic, why do we even try?

We cannot control the eventual result of our life, but what is more important is the process. Moreover, recent advances in quantum theory suggests that reality is stranger than you think. Time may only be relative to the perception of the internal observers (we who live inside) and is absent when seen from external universality. It is like we are living in a world simulated from an equation, like a game from a disk. That is to say, matter can have many possible states at once, just as the many possible outcomes of deterministic fate can exist all at once (multiverse). What's more detrimental is that the science that we knew is a social construction that assumes we can fully understand the infinitely complex universe with 1-dimensional human logic, and that everything outside of our understanding is illogical. We don't know for sure how possibilities split and merge everytime (quantum superposition), but interpreting and adapting to it is proven to be possible.

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