Become a Programmer: Python Series

The tactics to develop your passion

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Start programming NOW, and learn the very fundamentals which will carry you through your life as a programmer.

Tired of hitting larger and larger roadblocks in your journey? Seeing the limits of your talent? Just as eating is not just about learning to put food into your mouth, programming is not just about learning to write code.

In this course, we will sharpen your basic skills that all successful programmers choose not to avoid. Programming is not an endless journey of tiredless grinding!

Being one of the most versatile programming languages, Python has gained popularity in development of various types of interactive data systems. It is one of the most straightforward languages to use.

No prior experience needed, but prepared to do self-study to cover your basic knowledge.

A Fusion of Formal and Self-Taught Education

Learn any programming language

From now on, you can do it anytime, in your own time.

A lot of people are stuck with the concept that they need to learn to write code from someone or somewhere. I want to break this misconception as this mindset will only lead to a dead end in your programming career. The reason why formal education can never catch up with the latest syllables in programming is because the programming scene is ever-changing. However, the fundamentals are based off universal logic that never change.

In this course, I will show the process of learning a language from the neutral perspective of picking up the fundamentals that will allow you to see that every language is the same beyond the basic concepts.

We will explore it from the perspective of the Python Language, which is used in a lot of places and shares a lot of concepts with many other languages. It also allows us to skip over some strict details that are not useful in understanding program logic, as Python is definitely more lenient about micro-concepts on types and classes.

This will avoid some technical jargon which is confusing to speak using common English.

Self-Transformation Crash Course

What Will You Learn?


Code Quality and Standard Practices

Lesson 1

Refactoring and Summarising

Lesson 2

Debugging and Logging

Lesson 3

Modules and Inheritance

Lesson 4

Errors and Exceptions

Lesson 5

Data Structures and Types

Lesson 6

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(course content currently incomplete, did not have an opportunity to guide interns/beginners since covid)


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